Lake salad served with roasted pine nuts
in fig mustard dressing
4.80 €
grilled slices of roast beef on rocket with balsamic dressing
12.90 €

Caramelised goat cheese
Caramelised goat cheese with mango chutney 
and salad bouquet

8.80 €

Beef tartar
hand-cut, served with fried quail egg and lake salad in fig mustard dressing

9.80 €

Yellow Fin tuna
Char-grilled Yellow Fin tuna on wakame algae salad with teriyaki dressing

15.50 €

Trilogy of tuna, Calamari and black tiger prawn

Char-grilled served with leaf spinach

16.50 €

3 black tiger praws 6/8

in herb butter with grilled vegetables                                               

 17.80 €



Pecan Chocolate Brownie with Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey

Affogato with Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream

Choice of homemade Creams in a jar

Chocolate soufflé with a soft centre


8.90 €

4.80 €
7.80 €

7.80 €