Steak Specialities


Buffalo Steakhouse Burger
2 x 80gr fillet of beef, grilled prawns, steakhouse wedges,
chimichurri, barbecue sauce, bell pepper and courgette

21,90 € 

Buffalo Steakhouse Platter
Amount per person:

Side dishes:
From 2 people:

100gr Dry Aged Beef
150gr Corn Fed Chicken
100gr Lamb chop and Shank
100gr Roast beef

grilled vegetables, rosemary potatoes, herb butter, pepper sauce
price per person

39.50 €

Tuna Fish Steak
Yellow Fin Tuna Fish steak with wakame algae salad and Swiss chard risotto
29.50 €
Char-grilled Organic Salmon
Organic salmon approx. 200gr with Swiss chard and risotto
25.50 €

5 Black Tiger Prawns
5 black tiger prawns 6/8 in herb butter with grilled vegetables

32.00 €

3 Black Tiger Prawns
3 black tiger prawns 6/8 in herb butter with grilled vegetables

17.80 €

Swabian Steak
Swabian steak from Rodeo Black Angus Beef 250gr
with red wine shallots, market vegetables, Burgundy gravy and spätzle

25.80 €

Breast of Corn Fed Chicken
Two breasts of char-grilled corn fed chicken approx. 320gr

16.50 €

Rib-eye Steak
Rib-eye steak 350gr from Baltic beef (heifer)

29.50 €

Club Steak
Club steak dry aged beef from heifer (450 – 600gr) 100gr =

8.20 €

Irish lamb
Donald Russell Irish lamb chop & lamb shank approx. 250gr

22.00 €

US Beef
Rump steak 360gr

35.00 €

US Beef
Lady Cut 180gr

21.50 €

Fillet of Beef 250gr
from Rodeo Black Angus 250gr

28.00 €

Fillet of Beef 350gr
from Rodeo Black Angus 350gr

37.00 €

Surf & Turf
Rodeo fillet of beef 200gr with 2 black tiger prawns

32.00 €

T-Bone Steak
from US Beef (500-700 gr) 100gr =

8.00 €

Tomahawk steak
Tom Stone Irish beef (850 – 1100 gr)
(also carved for 2 people) 100 gr

7.80 €



Sauces each 2.50 €
Sour Cream


Teriyaki Sauce

Cacik Soße (Knoblauchsoße)

Chimichurri Soße
Hausgemachte Kräuterbutter


Side Dishes each 4.50 €

Beans in Dijon mustard

Rosemary Potatoes

Baked potatoes with sour cream


Grilled vegetables (courgette, bell pepper, mushrooms, aubergine)  

Swiss chard

Corn on the cob